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Well it finally happened. In a rare few nights of… slightly reduced homework load (aka slightly increased procrastination tendencies) I hit 70 on my paladin Dristan. I hoped to feel soaring emotions of elation and pride but strangely it just feels like the time I hit 30 back in Tarren Mill.

My family was down for our annual merrymaking and after the first few hours of semi-enthusiastic catching up I was quite ready to escape into whatever secluded hole I could find. WoW was the drug of choice for the occasion. I fired up my laptop and dove into leveling Dristan (without my girlfriends character which.. lead to a can of worms we shall not discus). He was at 23(ish) and I had three days. Easy. After two days and about about a thousand yetis were slain I dinged 30. It was great; I buzzed over to Undercity and mounted up. I could move fast now! But then it hit, that feeling of emptiness at the top. I had reached my goal and now all I had to look forward to was hitting lv.58 and going to outland… great… that meant only 28 levels to go.

It wore off eventually of course and when I finally got back in the groove (around lv.40) everything was good again. I drove and fought for the XP and eventually dinged lv.58… Then it happened again. Once more I could muster very little gusto for the next long haul but I blazed through it and finally reached my current level. Pre-Wraith level cap. I can finally fly (in outland… when I have a few thousand gold to spare…) and I have some awesome new spells to take to the frozen wastes.

It still looms though. The next 10 level crawl. By lv.76 I’ll be going full at it again and closing in fast on the mythical lv.80. Then comes the ultimate question… what happens when I hit cap?


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