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Monthly Archives: May 2009

This, my first painted D&D figure. And while I can’t help but feel as if I am holding up a trophy to an empty room I also can’t help but show it to the invisible masses. Behold the praying paladin, perhaps he will be put to use in the following weeks. My party has decided to go walkabout for a month so I’m stuck playing with my storyline while they’re off gallivanting in Virginia or somewhere. Thankfully one of the non-traitorous members of my party is currently running his own game and has invited me to come play. Providing they don’t mind yet another paladin I might just take him up on it.

Praying PaladinPraying Paladin Back


I am a person who revels in obsessions. Diving into a new and exciting thing with the slightest provocation, my most recent of which was Dungeons and Dragons. When I saw the attached video it resonated with me, the kind of ocd over the slightest detail or feature of a project. It inspired me, I wanna be like Adam when I grow up. See while I have no problem getting into something it’s the execution that I seem to have trouble with, ideas come fast and furious (no affiliation with The Vin) but my initiative has never been able to fully keep up. The ability to maintain momentum is what separates the dreamers from the people who make really awesome stuff.