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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Here is the finished piece that I worked on for the past two installments. While technically I finished it up on Feb the 3rd I did most of the work here so its getting the credit.


You hear a sound as if a strong wind is howling around you and then an abrupt, deep silence. Something has changed, your surroundings, while identical to what they were not moments ago have taken on a feeling of an alien landscape. In your unease you reach down to fiddle with your wrist-watch only to find that the face has been shattered and the hands frozen in place. After your initial shock at its damaged state you notice that something is not right. The hands are in the expected position but the dials that rest, sunken behind them expound their false truth. They read January the 28th and you realize that through some quirk of the inescapable chaos that is the universe you have been sucked into the world as it was eight days previous…

…Welcome to the next installment of my retroactive posts!

Unfortunately all I have to report for this day is my continued work on the 27th’s project (that of the Come into our factories! poster) I will post the finished project tomorrow and hopefully spare you melodramatic flavor text in the intro.

On this particular numeric of the the fourth week in the month of January I started the project that will be posted as the thing of the day on February the 2nd… Behold my wondrous power of foretelling! Gaze into my eyes and see the depths of the future unknown!

…Anyway back on a serious note the project I began was the renovation of a classic poster. I took me nearly a week and a half to finally decide which one I was actually going to do since my original, Star Wars themed idea was shot down by the class as a whole. My only refuge was political commentary and I took to it with relish. The following image is the poster I have to update to the modern century. In other words this in not my work. For that you’ll have to check back later.

This was the day that I actually got the vinyl cut out for the square bin I designed and got it stuck on the the prototype piece for approval.

And thus begins a frantic series of retroactively posted updates. The past week has been a bit hectic with my getting sick and then a freak storm taking down my power for about 4 days in a row. It hasn’t been fun, let’s leave it at that. I’ll be attempting to recall exactly what is was I did on each of these days and posting the appropriate updates.

On this particular day I worked on that recycle bin project a bit more and got the details finalized on what I was doing for the square bins. I’ll see if i can dig out a file to post here in the next few days. just for the record.

Started the inking of the great fire elemental. I don’t see how people ink quickly cause this one is looking like it’s gonna take me a while.

Alright if joe and manda happen to be reading this you may wish to avert your eyes… because today’s project was drawing the very thing that your characters struggle with at this very moment in time (locked there waiting to see who will emerge victorious), a great and terrible monster from the depths of the elemental plain of fire… it’s Ragnarok the fire elemental and his minions! Let’s give him a big round of applause folks, he’s had a long trip getting here. Tune in next week to see how our heroes fare against this molten fiend. Will they emerge victorious or will they be consumed by the fires of the old gods?

Ok so for today I actually created something, go figure. On fridays when I happen to have the circumstances I like to watch Lar deSouza (the artist for the webcomics Least I Could Do and Looking for Group) draw live from his webcam. He usually has a headset on and chats with all of us while he sketches and works on the week’s art and it usually leaves me wanting to practice my own drawing. So at around 11:30, after going the entire day not being able to think of anything to do, I decided to break out the sketchbook and do some work of my own. It was mostly just hands and some shape doodles that I did (not really worth posting any pictures) but it did inspire me to start work on tomorrow’s project… what will it be eh?

Gah more retroactive posting. On this particular day I worked more on those recycle bin vinyl designs, unfortunately I was coming down with some sort of particularly nasty bug and in my rush to get home and die in my bed I totally forgot to get a picture of them to post here. Perhaps on monday I’ll get a shot and do some more retro-posting and slap it up here as proof.

And the second retro-post in a row. I am horrible at this thing. Today’s endeavor was more development of the world that my campaign is set in and the actual running of the first session. I’m trying to pull things away from the classic “there’s this death cult now go kill some zombies” formula. I don’t want it to be all about destroying the great evil demon lord with holy light. I’m much more partial to the idea of rifts opening into the elemental planes and it’s tenants being let loose upon the earth. In alignment with this purview here’s a shot from the campaign.

At this moment the party is facing down a lava elemental (played at the moment by an obliging ice elemental who needed the work). I can’t say too much in the unlikely event that anyone playing in this particular encounter is reading this but this should be an interesting fight to finish when we pick it back up next wednesday.