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Here is the finished piece that I worked on for the past two installments. While technically I finished it up on Feb the 3rd I did most of the work here so its getting the credit.


And the second retro-post in a row. I am horrible at this thing. Today’s endeavor was more development of the world that my campaign is set in and the actual running of the first session. I’m trying to pull things away from the classic “there’s this death cult now go kill some zombies” formula. I don’t want it to be all about destroying the great evil demon lord with holy light. I’m much more partial to the idea of rifts opening into the elemental planes and it’s tenants being let loose upon the earth. In alignment with this purview here’s a shot from the campaign.

At this moment the party is facing down a lava elemental (played at the moment by an obliging ice elemental who needed the work). I can’t say too much in the unlikely event that anyone playing in this particular encounter is reading this but this should be an interesting fight to finish when we pick it back up next wednesday.

Here’s the second in the series of three pieces focusing on the greek letter Phi. This particular one focusing on the word Phi [as opposed to the Symbol like yesterday and the Text one that will, ceteris paribus, be tomorrows]. We’re also limited to a two color scheme so I picked the eternally classy Red+Black.

Finished up the paint job on the paladin mini that I started work on yesterday. I’m pretty please with how it turned out but I’m really wanting to play with some more expensive paint. Some of the textures tend to get very distinct when you get really close. Now all that’s left is to construct his base and some minor touch up on the paint.

Well I decided to take a dive back into the world of D&D mini painting. I am by no means widely experienced in this arena and I’m really lusting after some high-quality, non-acrylic paints to work with on these excellent Reaper Minis I have, however, I figure if i take my time I can make due. It might not look like a lot but the photo is of nearly 12 very thin coats of a metallic acrylic that I enjoy using for armor. The coverage can be spotty when you’re praticaly building up layers and layers of dry brushing so it takes a while to get anything done. The wings get glued onto his back and the shield to his empty arm.

“You’re sitting in a tavern… you hear the sounds of men shouting and breaking glass outside the window. What do you do?”. So began my first D&D game as a player and not the guy playing all the soon-to-be-dead monsters. I loved it. It reminded me why I got into this hobby in the first place, cause it looked like a bloody fun game to play. Don’t get me wrong I love planning and executing TPKs as much as the next DM but being the one rolling the dice and praying to lady fate for the elusive crit was exceptionally awesome.

This is now the part where I try to not lay out in minute detail the facets of my character or a blow by blow account of the evening. After much thought I can condense it to one sentence… I’m a wizard, things were scorched… lots of things.

I always have trouble when I start a new blog (yes I’ve started enough of them that this has become a common question). Where do I go with it? What will the tone be? What in god’s name will I write about? I’ve done the personal blog thing, the straight-laced tech journal which dissolved (or was elevated depending on your taste) into the sarcastic tech commentary blog and now I’m staring at a frighteningly blank page with this one. So I feel that this initial post has much weight, as if it will be the deciding factor in weather or not this becomes a blog that I continue to post on for the foreseeable future or yet another endeavor that falls to the wayside and gets lost in the deep recesses of the internet like so many others. So my plan, such as it is, with this blog is… to have no plan (genius I know). To simply write about things that catch my interest and things that I’m currently doing. I feel the need to write and this seems to be the best medium for it.

I’m a geek at my core, I was obsessed with computers and video games by the age of 11 and I would gladly go to war against anyone who dared to besmirch the name of Nintendo or it’s adjuncts. My obsession has been slowly refined over the years, reaching it’s peak about 6 months ago when I was sure that gaming journalism was my one true calling. Unfortunately that fell through after I spent a month designing my wordpress blog, found that I couldn’t get it listed with google and promoting it was going to be a long uphill battle. I applied to a few sites but got no responses effectively killing my initiative in that particular arena. Now here I am once more starting up in hopes of it turning out better. I think the problem is that I enjoy writing but lack the hardheaded determination to keep writing when I fail to get feedback. Pageviews are nice and all but until people actually start talking back and adding opinions it doesn’t have the dynamism that I long for in discussion. As anyone who knows me will tell you I positively revel in debate and conflict (though surprisingly could never get into the forum troll scene). Attacking my views or opinions is a sure way to spark my interest in you. A freak of nature? Maybe. But life certainly doesn’t get boring.

My resolve with this particular venture is to write something every day be it small or grandiose. Most of it will likely treat on geeky subjects. Between bizarre experiences in World of Warcraft, the tech industry with it’s many ridiculous news snippets and my first Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I’m planning to DM in the coming weeks I should have ample material.