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Graphic Design

On this particular numeric of the the fourth week in the month of January I started the project that will be posted as the thing of the day on February the 2nd… Behold my wondrous power of foretelling! Gaze into my eyes and see the depths of the future unknown!

…Anyway back on a serious note the project I began was the renovation of a classic poster. I took me nearly a week and a half to finally decide which one I was actually going to do since my original, Star Wars themed idea was shot down by the class as a whole. My only refuge was political commentary and I took to it with relish. The following image is the poster I have to update to the modern century. In other words this in not my work. For that you’ll have to check back later.


Ok quick break from Deris to work on a possible, semi-boring project I may have picked up for the school. We have the trashcans that need semi-interesting vinyl prints. Here’s my idea for the recycle one.

After yesterday’s… questionable content I decided to actually do some work. Here’s a WIP of a piece featuring my newly minted Dwarf hunter Deris. Sorry for the poor quality but until I’m done with the sketching process I’m loath to pull it from the book to scan.

A preliminary draft for the third in the project series. I’m not entirely happy with the direction that this particular one is going and may just end up throwing it out completely. The focal point is supposed to be the text and I had thought to make it look like an illuminated text of old.