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You hear a sound as if a strong wind is howling around you and then an abrupt, deep silence. Something has changed, your surroundings, while identical to what they were not moments ago have taken on a feeling of an alien landscape. In your unease you reach down to fiddle with your wrist-watch only to find that the face has been shattered and the hands frozen in place. After your initial shock at its damaged state you notice that something is not right. The hands are in the expected position but the dials that rest, sunken behind them expound their false truth. They read January the 28th and you realize that through some quirk of the¬†inescapable¬†chaos that is the universe you have been sucked into the world as it was eight days previous…

…Welcome to the next installment of my retroactive posts!

Unfortunately all I have to report for this day is my continued work on the 27th’s project (that of the Come into our factories! poster) I will post the finished project tomorrow and hopefully spare you melodramatic flavor text in the intro.


Ok so I just made something epic… but my phone won’t take a good picture and the computer with the scanner is completely shut down so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. I’ll edit this post tomorrow and put it in though. For the moment just imagine the epicness and be prepared to be blown away.


Ok so here is the tentatively final version of Deris. I’m not incredibly happy with the colors/paintjob so my OCD might demand I go back and redo it.

So, as I collapsed into my bed around 4am it occurred to me that, while I had in fact done my project for the day, I had forgotten to post it. However, not all is lost. Using the magical power of “teh interwebs” I will travel back in time and make this post appear at precisely.. 4:37 yesterday afternoon. Que time warp sound effects and engage the star drive Mr. Warf, maximum warp.

Ok quick break from Deris to work on a possible, semi-boring project I may have picked up for the school. We have the trashcans that need semi-interesting vinyl prints. Here’s my idea for the recycle one.

After yesterday’s… questionable content I decided to actually do some work. Here’s a WIP of a piece featuring my newly minted Dwarf hunter Deris. Sorry for the poor quality but until I’m done with the sketching process I’m loath to pull it from the book to scan.

Here’s the second in the series of three pieces focusing on the greek letter Phi. This particular one focusing on the word Phi [as opposed to the Symbol like yesterday and the Text one that will, ceteris paribus, be tomorrows]. We’re also limited to a two color scheme so I picked the eternally classy Red+Black.

Some preliminary work on a project we were assigned in Typography. The goal is ti make three different designs utilizing a character from either the Phoenician or Greek alphabets. The first was to focus on the symbol itself and I here chose Phi.

Finished up the paint job on the paladin mini that I started work on yesterday. I’m pretty please with how it turned out but I’m really wanting to play with some more expensive paint. Some of the textures tend to get very distinct when you get really close. Now all that’s left is to construct his base and some minor touch up on the paint.

Well I decided to take a dive back into the world of D&D mini painting. I am by no means widely experienced in this arena and I’m really lusting after some high-quality, non-acrylic paints to work with on these excellent Reaper Minis I have, however, I figure if i take my time I can make due. It might not look like a lot but the photo is of nearly 12 very thin coats of a metallic acrylic that I enjoy using for armor. The coverage can be spotty when you’re praticaly building up layers and layers of dry brushing so it takes a while to get anything done. The wings get glued onto his back and the shield to his empty arm.