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And the second retro-post in a row. I am horrible at this thing. Today’s endeavor was more development of the world that my campaign is set in and the actual running of the first session. I’m trying to pull things away from the classic “there’s this death cult now go kill some zombies” formula. I don’t want it to be all about destroying the great evil demon lord with holy light. I’m much more partial to the idea of rifts opening into the elemental planes and it’s tenants being let loose upon the earth. In alignment with this purview here’s a shot from the campaign.

At this moment the party is facing down a lava elemental (played at the moment by an obliging ice elemental who needed the work). I can’t say too much in the unlikely event that anyone playing in this particular encounter is reading this but this should be an interesting fight to finish when we pick it back up next wednesday.


Ok so posting retroactively again, go me. Came down with something pretty hard last night and seem to be descending into the pit of sickness once more… Wohoo! Unfortunately the creative thing I did on the 19th wasn’t anything visibly tangible. I sat down and worked out the detail of a possible D&D campaign I might be trying to run here soon. The story will revolve around rifts opening into the planar chaos and the cult that is attempting to release the dark armies of the elemental plane into the world. It’s starts small with the adventurers simply working as enforcers for the local lord, helping with some bandit problems (of course about 96.5937% of all D&D games in the past 20 years have probably started with bandit problems). These adventurers meet a man from the archeologists guild of Agni. He’s been sent to scout some local ruins for arcane artifacts and is in need of help for it seems that there’s a bit of a goblin infestation in the ruins he’s been sent to map…

Ok so I just made something epic… but my phone won’t take a good picture and the computer with the scanner is completely shut down so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. I’ll edit this post tomorrow and put it in though. For the moment just imagine the epicness and be prepared to be blown away.


Ok so here is the tentatively final version of Deris. I’m not incredibly happy with the colors/paintjob so my OCD might demand I go back and redo it.

So, as I collapsed into my bed around 4am it occurred to me that, while I had in fact done my project for the day, I had forgotten to post it. However, not all is lost. Using the magical power of “teh interwebs” I will travel back in time and make this post appear at precisely.. 4:37 yesterday afternoon. Que time warp sound effects and engage the star drive Mr. Warf, maximum warp.

Woot! fifteen days in and only a few hundred to go. Here’s yet another crappy picture (taken with my cell) of the Deris WIP. Spent some tome inking him but I think the gun barrel needs reconstruction in Photoshop. It’s just off and I can’t fix it by hand at this point. Besides that I’m having fun with it.

Ok quick break from Deris to work on a possible, semi-boring project I may have picked up for the school. We have the trashcans that need semi-interesting vinyl prints. Here’s my idea for the recycle one.

More of the Deris sketch WIP. I just spent some time cleaning up the lines and adding some little details to make him seem a bit deeper. I think I’m going to try and toss some more pouches or something on him before I actually start inking. Sorry again for the poor quality. The next one should be scanned in so ergo, better quality.

After yesterday’s… questionable content I decided to actually do some work. Here’s a WIP of a piece featuring my newly minted Dwarf hunter Deris. Sorry for the poor quality but until I’m done with the sketching process I’m loath to pull it from the book to scan.

Because someone very close to me requested it… A polar bear in a blizzard with his eyes closed. Enjoy.